The Well-Line

The “Well-line” proposals go on show today at the 27 April – 29 May.

The Well-line is one of four winners of the Royal Academy of Arts ‘Urban Jigsaw: Filling in London’s Missing Pieces’ ideas competition to create a scheme that taps the potential of London’s underused land whilst giving back to the city.

Laurie Chetwood Well-line Hyde Park 210416 FINAL smallerLaurie Chetwood Well-line Oxford Street 190416 smaller

From Paddington in the west to Whitechapel in the east, the Well-line would run along the mothballed six-mile underground ‘Post Office Railway’ – the capital’s longest brown field site. Chetwoods’ proposal would see this redundant railway become a new delivery line carrying parcels to destinations across central London whilst opening up new spaces for a ribbon of parks across the city centre.


Laurie Chetwood Well-line section 190416 smaller


The Well-line would act as a “Lung for London” combining a practical solution to the city’s urgent air quality needs with innovative and natural additions to the city centre.

Laurie Chetwood: “By creating a selection of permanent green oases across the densest parts of the city the Well-line would bring back a joy which has been lost in the grey of urban design. Critically, nature is not merely a “green wash”, the Well-line re-envisages a new city sustained from below. The line would emerge at street level, delivering goods and services and cleaning the atmosphere.”



Laurie Chetwood Well-line route 190416 No Text smaller


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