Vauxhall Bridge for Article 25 Auction 2015×10-artist-spotlight-laurie-chetwood/

The current Vauxhall Bridge designed by Sir Alexander Binnie opened in 1906. Eight monumental bronzes, representing the zenith of Edwardian allegorical sculpture by the best sculptors of the time, were sited on the piers between the bridge’s 5 arches. The two-ton female statues depict the Arts and Sciences; on the upstream piers are Frederick Pomeroy’s Agriculture, Architecture, Engineering and Pottery, and on the downstream piers Alfred Drury’s Science, Fine Arts, Local Government and Education.

Laurie Chetwood’s image of Vauxhall Bridge juxtaposes the human and natural connections that knit London together. It conveys the mutual interdependence of man and nature, at the heart of which a need for equilibrium and balance is more pressing than ever, with the City once more turning back towards – and partnering with – the river that created it.

The River Thames, ecologically flourishing once again, flows beneath the man-made Bridge, a symbol of human endeavour and achievement.  Both support the commercial and social connections that are fundamental to the success of the city.

The image of the river represents the vitality of London’s natural environment – once again valued, restored and protected by its inhabitants – with the flow of natural images beneath the bridge representing survival, evolution and the emergence of hope.

The vertical sequence of images rising from the centre of the river transforms one of the statues on the bridge into a nymph-like form, capturing the moment of the emergence of dragon flies as they are released from the river’s nurture and protection, carried up and away on the fresh air that the tidal Thames brings into the city twice a day.

10×10 London is Article 25′s main fundraising event. It divides an area of the city into a 10×10 grid. The 100 resulting squares are allocated to prominent architects, designers and artists, who create 100 unique artworks, together forming a snapshot of London. These are then auctioned, raising money for Article 25.

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