Butterfly House

Butterfly House is a dramatic architectural sculpture inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly, a demonstration of experimental environmental design on a live-able scale.

Butterfly House.jpg

An experiment in zoomorphic design, the remodelled 1930s timber-clad family home traces each change in the butterfly lifecycle.

The larval stage is represented by the steel bridge with curved balustrades that hint at the segmented body of a caterpillar leading to the house, the chrysalis is captured by the staircase, enclosed areas of the house and conservatory and the final winged insect is represented by retractable winged external canopies spread as sun shades over a paved garden space.

The interior of the house is ‘alive’ with colour and a web of fibres, wires and cables, cocooning its inhabitants.

butterfly invert final copy

03-Butterfly House 2

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